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Ray and Michael Cooney

Ray Cooney is today recognised theatrically and publicly as “THE MASTER OF FARCE”, a most prolific writer of stage farces/comedies of high standard, which have not only graced the stages of English speaking countries for more than 40 years, but have been staged worldwide and translated into more than 40 foreign languages.

Ray’s son, Michael Cooney is a living confirmation of the old saying “ The apple will fall under the tree”. He was born and raised in England, and now resides with his family in Los Angeles. Prior to the production of “Tom, Dick & Harry”, Michael wrote the film thriller “Identity”, which was released in 2005. Before that, he in 1996, he had written and directed the cult phenomenon “Jack Frost” and its sequel “Jack Frost 2 - Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman”. He adapted his stage play “The Dark Side” into the film “Murder in Mind”, starring Nigel Hawthorne, Mary Louise Parker and Jimmy Smits for HBO. The filming of the adaptation of his second stage thriller “Point of Death” has just been completed in the United Kingdom. It is currently titled “The I Inside”, starring Ryan Philippe for Miramax. His first film credit as a scriptwriter has been “Tracks of a Killer”, starring Kelly Le Brock.

As well as his two thrillers, his stage writing credits include the smash hit comedy “Cash on Delivery!”, which had its world premiere at the Theatre Royal Windsor.

He has also had two children’s books published, “George the Germ” and “Fantastic Adventures in the Land of Wishful Thinking”, both written with Simon Collier. His first novel “Ice Fire Fantasy”, a blistering action adventure tale for young adults, is currently being published by 1st Books.

For more information on the works of Ray and Michael Cooney, their texts, along with the terms and conditions for obtaining licence for their stage performances in Greece and Cyprus, please contact us at info@theartbassador.gr