THE ARTBASSADOR is thrilled and particularly honoured to manage in Greece and Cyprus, since September 2014, the authors’ rights for stage performances of the plays “DIRTY DUSTING” and “WAITING FOR GATEAUX” by Ed WAUGH and Trevor WOOD and “DRACULA: DIE LAUGHING” by Ed WAUGH.

The two awarded British playwrights, based in Northern-Eastern England (Tynisede), started their collaboration in 2002 and since then, they have co-written 12 plays, while they have collaborated with BBC Comedy and IPSO FACTO Scripts in script writing for comic situations.

Their plays are staged with huge success not only all over the UK, but also in various European countries and in tours in Australia and New Zealand.

Some information about their plays “DIRTY DUSTING” and “WAITING FOR GATEAUX”, with the greater commercial success:

  • “DIRTY DUSTING”:  A hilarious comedy, about three elderly cleaning ladies, who have just been made redundant and decide to set up a telephone sex line during their last weekend at work.
  • “WAITING FOR GATEAUX”: In the worst –most probably- slimming centre in the world, chosen by clients who have nothing better to do and every day they end up by postponing the diet for the next day, a series of outraging and emotional situations is taking place. At its heart, it’s all about a story of friendship and solidarity.

As for “DRACULA: DIE LAUGHING”, it’s a surreal parody of Dracula’s story, narrated by Dracula himself, under the capacity of a BED & BREAKFAST owner, which, in reality, has nothing to do with the original play. The play was very welcome when it was first performed during Whitby Goth Weekend in April 2014.

Rights for stage performances of the above plays in Greece and Cyprus, are available by THE ARTBASSADOR.