ΤHE QUALITY OF LIFE by Jane Anderson

At Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, since 31 January!

As two cousins and their husbands reconnect, after each having experienced a devastating loss, they will learn, through their huge differences and opposing perspectives, how to heal their traumas and overcome the grief that haunts them, finally finding the precious path of peace. 

First presented at the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles in October 2007, the play "The Quality of Life", by the award-winning writer Jane Anderson, is a deep, poignant study of life and death. Filled with compassion, honesty and humor, this thought provoking drama explores a myriad of ethical, religious, and moral beliefs, as well as, everyone's personal right to decide about his own life course.

A remarkable work in an exeptional performance, which will offer audiences a unique theatrical experience!

Ditection:     S. Tsafoulias
Translation:  N. Douka
Production:   BLACK SPINE

THE ARTBASSADOR has licensed the Greek production, on behalf of LITTLE MAMA INC, which represents J.Anderson's rights, c/o BRET ADAMS LTD.