THE DRESSER by Ronald Harwood

At Tzeni Karezi Theatre, since 22 December!

A poignant portrait of theatre’s world and backstage life, through the co-dependent relationship between an ageing great English Shakespearean actor and his devoted dresser, in WWII London.

The 1980 West End and Broadway play “The Dresser”, by Ronald Harwood, is based on author's own experiences as dresser to Sir Donald Wolfit during the 1950s. Widely regarded as one of the most acclaimed dramas of modern theatre, this heartbreaking but also hilarious work is the absolute hymn to the passionate theatre world.

Translation: G. Blanas
Direction:     K. Gakis

THE ARTBASSADOR has licensed the Greek production, on behalf of Ronald Harwood Ltd, right owner of R. Harwood's play, c/o Judy Daish Associates Ltd.