One of the most hilarious murder mysteries, ever on stage! Since 18 October 2017. At the Theatre PEIRAIOS 131.

A funny performance with a lot of laughter and in the leading roles, some of the most famous Greek actors, such as Krateros Katsoulis, Marianna Toumasatou, Maria Konstantaki, Marios Athanassiou, giving their best at the stage. Directed by Vassilis Thomopoulos and Natasha Hatziandreou, translated by Erikos Bellies.

A breathtaking comedy, full of surprises, by the American playwright Jack Sharkey, the author of the well-known novel THE ADDAMS FAMILY. A storm where the lights suddenly turn off, a scream and a shot are heard in the dark! Suddenly the lights turn on and an unknown woman wearing only her underwear, stands above the dead corpse, holding a bloody knife! The Inspector examines the corpse and says "But he is strangled!"

This is only the beginning of one of the most hilarious murder mysteries, where every element is also a revelation which complicates the story more and more. And the solution to the mystery leads to the strangest motivation that anyone can imagine.

THE ARTBASSADOR licensed the Greek stage production, on behalf of SAMUEL FRENCH Inc (, who represents the rights of the author Jack Sharkey.