ΝΟΤ Ι by Samuel Beckett

At Geek National Opera-Alternative Stage 18,19,24,25 February & 2,3 March!

Samuel Beckett’s masterpiece monologue "Not I" (1972), one of the most demoniac and demanding pieces of world theatre, is coming to the Greek National Opera Alternative Stage at the SNFCC, for a run of six performances, in co-production with the Zero Point theatre company.

Written in 1972 for the actress Billie Whitelaw and premiered the same year at the Forum Theater of Lincoln Center, New York, “Not I” is the verbal torrent coming out of a woman's Mouth in the aftermath of an unspecified traumatic event, under the gaze of a mysterious auditor.

One of the most emblematic works of the post-war period, from the Irish playwright, novelist, and poet Samuel Beckett, the literary legend of the 20th century!

Translation: T. Symeonidis
Direction: S.Stroubos

THE ARTBASSADOR has licensed the Greek production of the play,on behalf of the ΕSTATE OF SAMUEL BECKETT, right owner of S. Beckett's play, c/o CURTIS BROWN GROUP LTD.