RING - 2nd successful run!

The play explores the universal conflicts between men and women

Adam and Eve of all time. The play explores the universal conflicts between men and women with a scope ring. And instead of traditional conflict scenes at home, it evolves in boxing rounds between two actors who present different characters: lovers, strangers, friends, parents, married or divorced, widowers. All are engaged in a struggle with their instincts, their ideals and their childish impulses. The game begins with Adam and Eve, who already disagree among trees, fruits and animal paradise. Then we are transferred in the world today, with the lovers often in bed. Each one demands the other’s absolute love, each trying to get into the secret and most valuable part of the partner's brain.

The two actors perform 18 different characters. Each scene is a new round. Each round focuses on love and relationships, sex, boredom, betrayal, tenderness, but always in a profoundly human way. Can love be a winner? The play of the French playwright Léonore Confino which had rave reviews and was nominated in the category of best playwright for Molière Award 2014, was presented with great success at ILISIA VOLANAKIS theatre / Athens, translated by Adonis Galeos, during the period 13/4 - 12/6/2016. The performances of the two protagonists Thanasis Tsaltampasis (also the Director) and Marina Kalogerou thrilled the audience.
The performances continue from 28/09/2016 during the theatrical season 2016-2017.

THE ARTBASSADOR is very happy to have licensed the greek production on behalf of the playwright Léonore Confino and her French Agent AGENCE DRAMA.