SALÒ, OR THE 120 DAYS OF SODOM - Based on Pier Paolo Pasolini's film PANHELLENIC PREMIERE

At Greek National Opera Alternative Stage, since 10 February! Panhellenic Premiere!

Based on the legendary Italian filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini’s iconic film of the same title, the new production "Salò", or "the 120 Days of Sodom" will be presented under Aris Biniaris’ subversive direction, on the GNO's Alternative Stage, receiving its Greek premiere on 10 February!

The film, based on Marquis de Sade's unfinished novel "Les 120 Journees de Sodome", shocked audiences and critics alike upon its release, being a dark allegory of fascism brought to life through a nightmarish environment of extreme violence.

In the GNO’s theatrical production of Pasolini’s masterpiece film, the director Aris Biniaris, in collaboration with the composer Jeph Vanger and a great cast of distinguished actors, create an atmospheric and evocative performance, full of suppressed tension which masterly echoes the work's dark and provocative nature.

Stage director: Aris Biniaris
Music: Jeph Vanger
Translation, theatrical adaptation: Aris Biniaris, Elena Triantafyllopoulou  

THE ARTBASSADOR has licensed the Greek theatrical production, on behalf of the Italian Collecting Society SIAE, which represents the right owners of the creator of the film, Pier Paolo Pasolini.