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It took two and a half months to write these scenes;
it took a whole adult life to live.....  
                                                                          Ingmar Bergman 

In 1973, having been established as one of the world’s undisputed cinematic masters, Ingmar Bergman embarked for the first time on a Swedish television miniseries, “Scenes from a Marriage”. After its great success the series was subsequently reedited and released in a film version in 1974, which was honored with the Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film (1975), the National Film Critics Association (NSFC) Award for Best Film and Best Screenplay and several other awards.

An epic masterpiece work, wich was included in "The New York Times 2002 Guide to the Best 1,000 Movies Ever Made" and in BBC's 2018 list of the 100 greatest foreign-language films.

Translation: E. Karakouli
Direction:    E. Karakouli
Production: LEAD IN ARTS

THE ARTBASSADOR  has licensed the Greek production on behalf of the INGMAR BERGMAN FOUNDATION,  which represents Ingmar Bergman's author rights, c/o JOSEF WEINBERGER LTD.