«THE EVENTS» premieres in Greece, at the theatre MIKRO GLORIA

The daring new drama play of the Scottish playwright, screenwriter and Director David Greig, directed and translated by Adonis Galeos, in Greek national premiere by FILOTHEATON Production Company, at the new theatre stage of MIKRO GLORIA in Athens, from 12.03.2015.

The playwright was inspired to write this play when he visited Norway for research, together with the Director Ramin Gray, after the massacre of 77 people in total, in Oslo and in Utoya Island, by the young insane right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik, in July 2011. At the Court Breivik confessed the two lethal attacks but claimed the defence of necessity, in order to prevent the islamisation of Norway.   

During their visit in Norway, Greig and Gray attended the performance of a choir and immediately the plot of the play Greig wished to write, was unfolded in front of him: what binds us together as a community, what drives us apart, what makes us human. According to the writer, the choir is the perfect image of the best part in human beings, it represents the group, the community which can include or exclude you.   

In the play, Claire is a liberal vicar of a small seaside community, who has founded a choir comprising various vulnerable people. The members of the Choir become the target of a lethal attack by a local boy, whose head is full of racial beliefs. Claire survives the massacre, but is filled with anger, desire for revenge and a desperate need for understanding of this abominable behaviour. The boy’s conduct challenges Claire’s internal world. Thus, although Claire doesn’t get shot by the bullets of the boy, the boy is getting lodged little by little in her soul. While she is looking for information about the boy, she is departing from the reveal of truth.      

Theodora Tzimou at the role of the vicar and Panos Vlahos at the roles of the boy, Claire’s partner, the psychiatrist and a journalist, are starring, with the participation of a regular choir. 

The play premiered in 2013 at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where it received the 1st award, was voted as Best Theatre Play of 2013 by the critics of The Guardian and has generally received excellent reviews from all newspapers. More information here

About the author: David Greig was born in Edinburgh in 1969. He spent his childhood in Nigeria and came back to Edinburgh in 1980. He studied English and drama at Bristol University. Then, he founded the Suspect Theatre Culture Company, which presented most of his plays, until 2004. He has written more than 50 plays, texts, adaptations and translations. Most of his plays premiere in Scotland and then are being translated and produced in many countries worldwide. He takes part as a workshop leader regarding teaching and development of playwriting and has close relationship with playwrights from Middle East. Since 2006 he is a member of the Board of Directors of the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh.  

THE ARTBASSADOR has licenced the stage performances of the play, in greek language, on behalf of the Agent of the author, CASAROTTO RAMSAY & ASSOCIATES.