ONCE UPON A TIME-Therapeutic Stories that Teach and Heal by Dr. Nancy Davis

At Neos Kosmos Theatre, Central Stage, since 14 October!

A unique collection of therapeutic stories for young children and adults, by the famous and widely translated book "ONCE UPON A TIME,Therapeutic Stories that Teach & Heal", by the renowned American psychologist Nancy Davis Ph.D!

Combining musical theater with psychotherapeutic storytelling, this amusing, innovative work offers different perspectives full of optimism and courage, arming everyone to face the small and big challenges of life!

A great performance, starring the beloved actress Nadia Kodogeorgi, with divine live music, by the distinguished cellist Alexandros Botini!

Direction: S. Drousiotis-N. Kodogeorgi
Translation: V. Karagiorga

THE ARTBASSADOR has licensed the Greek production, on behalf of the writer Dr. Nancy Davis.