LE ULTIME LUNE by Furio Bordon

At Coronet Theatre, since 20 October!

While waiting for his son to accompany him to a retirement house, an elderly professor faces his loneliness and old age, reminiscing his life through memories, feelings and dreams.

“Le ultime lune”, a masterpiece work by Furio Bordon debuted at the Teatro Carlo Goldon, Venice in 1995, starring Marcello Mastrogianni, becoming his theatrical requiem, as it was the legendary actor’s last role, shortly before he passed away.

A poetic and touching comedy drama, full of wisdom, irony and delicate humor about life and the eternal youth, which can always overwhelm the soul of the man, regardless of the years his body carries! 

Translation: E.Moundrouvali
Direction: R. Eskenazi

THE ARTBASSADOR has licensed the Greek production on behalf of the Italian Collecting Society SIAE, which represents the playwright Furio Bordon and on behalf of the translator E. Moundrouvali.