LES CRAPAUDS FOUS by Mélody Mourey

At National Theatre of Northern Greece, since 26 October! Panhellenic Premier!

The extraordinary true story of Eugene and Stanislaw, two young Polish doctors, who during the Second World War saved the lives of thousands of Jewish people. By organizing a vast deception....

The play is a powerful, adventurous comedy by the young, talented creator Mélody Mourey, whose works enjoy huge appeal in Paris, earning both nominations and wins at the Molière Awards!

An incredible performance in direction by Mélody Mourey, not to be missed!

Direction:     Mélody Mourey
Translation: G. Voudiklaris
Production:  National Theatre of Northern Greece

THE ARTBASSADOR has licensed the Greek production, on behalf of the French Collecting Society SACD, which represents Mélody Mourey's rights in this play.