THE BOY WITH TWO HEARTS by Hamed & Hessam Amiri-Theatrical adaptation by Phil Porter

At Alma Theatre, since 10 November!

The true story of the Amiri family, who -23 years ago- fled their, Taliban ruled, home country Afghanistan, embarking on an incredible odyssey across Europe, searching the way to freedom and a new life. 

Based on the autobiographical book by Hamed & Hessam Amiri (BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week) and his family’s real-life experiences, this critically acclaimed theatrical adaptation by Phil Porter, had its world premiere at Wales Millennium Centre, in 2021. It was later transferred at National Theatre of London thrilling audiences and critics, enjoying a huge success.

A poignant, powerful story of hope and courage and a proof that humanity can be found in the most unlikely places! 

Translation: A.Galeos
Direction:    T. Tzamarias
Production:  FOTONIO

THE ARTBASSADOR has licensed the Greek production, on behalf of the Agency UNITED AGENTS LTD, which represents Phil Porter LTD fso Phil Porter and Hamid Amiri's rights in this play and on behalf of the translator A. Galeos.