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“El Crédito" (The Loan)

The absolutely successful performances of the season 2015-2016 continue for a second run at the Theatre of Neos Kosmos

After their huge success during the theatre season 2015-2016, the performances continue at the Central Stage of the Theatre of Neos Kosmos – Athens, until the beginning of 2017. Starring Michalis Oikonomou and John Sarakatsanis. The story of this comedy, brilliantly written by the Catalan playwright Jordi Galcerán, refers to a period of economic crisis, just like the current one we are all facing and is developed in a bank office, where the Director denies once again to grant Adonio a small loan, on the excuse that his application does not have the necessary “guarantees”. Adonio, totally desperate, decides to play his last card: if the Director does not approve the grant of the loan, he will take other, rather "immoral”, measures and turn the Director’s personal life upside down, by seducing his wife…

THE ARTBASSADOR has licensed the greek production, on behalf the translators of the play, Maria Chatziemmanouil, Dimitris Psarras, Yiannis Mantas and Alex Baveas (the team “Els de Paros”).
Performances started on the 5th of October, 2016.