LE BALCON by Jean Genet

At Kipseli Studio, since 2 March!

In Madame Irma’s “House of illusions”, the male clients enjoy nights full of lust and role-playing games, fulfilling their various fantasies and desire for power, while on the outside, the city experiences a revolutionary uprising against bourgeoisie.

Premiered in 1957, at the Arts Theatre Club, London, Jean Genet’s influential masterpiece “Le Balcon” is widely recognized as one of the founding plays of modern theatre.

Through a prism of sexuality and desire, the iconic creator explores illusion and reality, order and dissolution and the human hunger for power, presenting a deeply provocative and critical reflection of contemporary society!

Direction:    G. Livanos
Music:         M. Plessas
Production: Τheatrinon Theates

THE ARTBASSADOR has licensed the Greek production, on behalf of the French Collecting Society SACD,  which represents Jean Genet's right owners.