08 December 2014- 10 February 2015 LOTOFAGUS Theatre Group, POLYCHOROS KET

The play DORA’S PORTRAIT (Le Portrait de Dora), written in 1976 by the French feminist writer, poet, playwright and philosopher Hélène Cixous (born in Algeria, 1937), is performed – in the middle of winter – for the first time in Greek, by the Theatre Group LOTOFAGUS at the Polychoros KET (Centre of Control of Television) in Athens.

The play will be presented in greek translation by Lena Klironomou, under the direction of Athina Arseni, performed by Maria Konogouri, Maria Kouthouri and Nantia Sirou, with Laertis Malkotsis as the play’s voice.

Based on the therapy of the eighteen year old Ida Bauer by Sigmund Freud, and his later published case study (“Fragments of an Analysis of a Case of Hysteria”, 1905), the play draws back in the beginnings of psychoanalytic theory, focusing on the gaps, contradictions and prejudices of the Freudian study, presenting an alternative version of the facts, as seen from the girl’s point of view.

THE ARTBASSADOR has licensed the stage performances of the play on behalf of the French Collective Management Organisation SACD, which manages Hélène Cixous’ authors’ rights.

More information on the performances here