The hilarious comedy of one of the most popular contemporary French playwrights has arrived at MIKRO PALLLAS

“Le Mensonge” centers itself in the concern of fidelity within marriage, portraying the relationships of two couples: Paul and Alice & Michel and Laurence. Alice and Paul were invited to dine with their friends Laurence and Michel. Minutes before the dinner, Alice wishes to cancel it. She had seen Michel with another woman and suspected that he was cheating on Laurence. Paul by male solidarity tries to minimise Michel’s fault and convince Alice to hide the truth. In front of Alice’s dilemma “should she reveal the truth to her friend?” Paul favours the lie. Is it only with view to defending his friend or also because he has something to hide? Is it better to tell hurtful truths or comforting lies to the ones you love? It’s difficult to tell…

The multi-translated young French novelist and playwright, author of this hilarious play, Florian Zeller, has won several awards, such as the Prix Interallie in 2004 for his novel “La Fascination du Pire” ("Fascination of Evil") and The Moliere Award 2014 for his play “Le pere” (The father), which was presented at DIMITRIS HORN theatre during the season 2015-2016.

The play is being presented as a Greek premiere at Mikro Pallas Theatre / Athens, in translation by Marialena Kotsaki and under the direction of Thodoris Atheridis, who is also starring together with Smaragda Karidi, Mirto Alikaki and Konstantinos Kappas. Reviews started on 7th October 2016.

THE ARTBASSADOR has been very happy to license the greek production on behalf of the author Florian Zeller and his Agent AGENCE DRAMA.