The prize-winning work after the enormous success in Paris, is coming up for the first time in Greece, since 6 November 2017, at the AKROPOL Theatre.

The prize-winning play ‘’Un certain Charles Spencer Chaplin’’ by the French playwright, actor and director Daniel Colas, for the first time in Greece! From November 6th at the Akropol Theatre, translated by Adonis Galeos and directed by Peter Zoulias.

Charlie was transformed from an orphan gamin of the street to the famous and rich worldwide known artist "Charlot" who marked the history of world cinema. A life full of contrasts and passions with fairy-tale elements.
Starring Thanasis Tsaltabasis who is interpreting Chaplin extremely well and with great success, in a performance that boasts between comedy and drama.

The show takes us to the atmosphere of another era. The cast: Marina Psalti as Charlie’s mother, Jenny Theona as one of the three women in his life, Christos Spanos as his brother with a significant influence on Chaplin's life and career. Socratis Patsikas as the Hollywood producer, who first discovered the talent of the young Charlie. Finally, George Konstantinou as the FBI leader who is famous for his intrigues and political background.

THE ARTBASSADOR has licensed the Greek production of the play, on behalf of the author Daniel Colas and the AGENCE DRAMA (