UTOYΑ by Edoardo Erba

At Argo Theatre- Studio, since 28 February! Panhellenic Premiere!

The shocking event of the 2011 mass murder of 69 teenagers, gathered on Utøya Island, the "Nordic paradise", a famous site of summer camps for young socialists from all over the world, through the witness of three couples affected by the tragedy. 

Edoardo Elba’s notable play “Utøya”, is a contemporary work about an atrocious crime, which marked the life of all Norwegians. A work of memory, by the acclaimed Italian writer, who wants to keep the tragedy alive, attempting to sensitize modern societies, emphasizing their responsibility towards democracy and the future they must create for the generations to come.

Translation: E. Moundrouvali
Direction:    Th. Gogos

THE ARTBASSADOR has licensed the Greek production, on behalf of the Agency GRUPPO SOCIA & PISTOIA, which represents Edoardo Erba's rights in this play and on behalf of the translator, Elena Moundrouvali.