A great comedy of Gérald Sibleyras

“Un avenir radieux” by Gérald Sibleyras is a funny story about a strange evening, when a secretary, a financier, an unemployed and a failed artist are meant to spend together.

Liliane is an office worker. Her son, that she raised all alone, wants to become a singer. He managed to get to the final stage of a TV talent show. The evening of the final, Lilliane invites to her place a financier coworker that she barely knows. Her unemployed brother comes along unexpectedly without being invited. Even though guests are around, that specific evening, the only thing Liliane is thinking about, is the competition her son participates in. Thus she asks everybody to join in to the tele-voting and make as many calls as the can. However, their reactions will lead to unexpected situations.

Behind the comedy often hides an array of manners of an era. "Un avenir radieux” did not fail in this rule and the characters are much more complex and much less superficial it might appear at first sight. Gérald Sibleyras is a French multi-awarded writer both in France and in the UK (with Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Comedy in 2006). His play “Un avenir radieux”, a contemporary sharp and funny insight of modern peoples’ attitudes, would certainly be a brilliant choice for the Greek theaters.

The Artbassador would be happy to licence the play “Un avenir radieux” for a stage production in Greece and Cyprus, on behalf of Agence DRAMA.