Alexandros Baveas

Alexandros was born and raised in Athens. He studied graphic design but finally he preferred to follow a linguistic and cultural direction. He speaks English since his childhood in a high level, with Greek as his mother tongue and since 2007 he started learning Catalan. That meant to be the beginning of his continuous activity for the promotion of the Catalan and Greek language and culture in the two countries. Since 2009 he is a member of the translation group “Els de Paros” and collaborated with Maria Chatziemmanouil, Dimitris Psarras and Giannis Mantas for the translation from Catalan to Greek of various theater plays like “Dues dones que ballen” of Josep Maria Benet i Jornet, “Contra l'amor” of Esteve Soler, “El Crèdit” of Jordi Galceran, “Els jugadors” of Pau Miró, “Oblidar Barcelona” and “Temptació” of Carles Batlle. The first three have been played in Greek theaters and had a big success while the rest of them have been presented in a stage reading version only (except “Temptació” which hasn't been presented yet). In March 2013 Alexandros undertook successfully the interpretation of the conferences of the Catalan history professor Jaume Farguell in Athens and Ypati. In summer 2013 he translated and subtitled an episode about Greece of the documentary series “Sense Ficció” of the catalan public television TV3. In May of the same year he had already moved to Barcelona and since then he continues translating theatrical plays without the rest of “Els de Paros” due to the big distance. During his stay in Barcelona he started learning Spanish and he cooperates with the catalan translation company “Meditranslation”, translating commercial package labels from Spanish to Greek. Since 2013 until today he works as an access control, reception and accreditations coordinator in the Museum of the famous club FC Barcelona at the Camp Nou stadium.