Founded by Dominique Christophe, the French Agency “Dominique Christophe L’Agence”, has been representing creators and works from all over the world, since 2009. Maintaining an extensive experience in the performing arts sector, the company offers its members a high level, personalized, and efficient service. 

From the outset, the Company focused on the representation and promotion of important French-speaking contemporary creators, aiming to protect their rights and develop their works and the local culture abroad as well. The Company’s large catalogue includes works by established contemporary French-speaking creators such as Sébastien Azzopardi, Philippe Besson, Pierre Guillois, Benoît Moret, Pierre Note, Jade-Rose Parker, Gérard Savoisien, Sébastien Thiéry, to name only a few.

Dedicated to the service of creators and consolidating international professional ties with foreign agencies, authors, producers and translators, via collaborations and synergies, the company represents in France established foreign- language creators and works, from all over the world. Read more...