E.Waugh & T.Wood

Ed Waugh and Trevor Wood are British playwrights, based in the North-East of England. To date, they have had 12 plays professionally produced in the UK, Ireland, other European countries, New Zealand and Australia. Their screenplay The Liquidator (2010) won the Gotham Screen International Festival award for Best Comedy Screenplay.

Ed Waugh (born in 1959) and Trevor Wood (born in 1958) started writing together in January 2002 and have premiered their plays at the Customs House in South Shields and the Gala Theatre in Durham.

There have been excellent reviews on their plays, as they are considered to guarantee “a feel-amazing theatrical experience”!

Their first play Good to Firm (2002) - a fast-moving comedy about headaches, heartaches and horse-racing - started a string of commercial hits that brought them to the attention of independent producers across the UK.

However, their biggest hits are Dirty Dusting (2003), a heart-warming comedy about three elderly cleaning ladies who set up a telephone sex line, which has played to full houses across the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia, and Waiting For Gateaux (2005) which sold out ten weeks before its opening night in the North East and has had successful tours in Zealand and UK. 

Dracula: Die Laughing (2013) is Ed Waugh’s first solo project. It is a surreal parody of Dracula’s story, narrated by Dracula himself under the property of being the owner of a Bed and Breakfast. Dracula: Die Laughing, was the first ever play to be performed at the famous (attracting more than 12,000 people) annual Whitby Goth Weekend in April 2014, with an enormous success. Ever since, it has been presented in Durham, Sunderland and North Shields.

Other works of Ed Waugh and Trevor Wood are:

§  Maggie’s End (2007), a controversial play about the death of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, that has resurrected the bitter divides of the 1980s. 

§  Alf Ramsey Knew My Grandfather (2009) which narrates the true story of the West Auckland Football Team which won the first World football competition in Turin.

§  The Revengers (2005) is a darkly funny tale about a former TV sex symbol fallen on hard times.

§  Amazing Grace (2012) is a funny, heartfelt play, paying tribute to the Northumberland lifeboat heroine Grace Darling.

§  A Funny Thing Happened On The Way to Durham is an irreverent and anarchic take on the story of the Lindisfarne Gospels

§  Son of Samurai (2007) is a comedy about the story of a young shoe salesman that discovers he is the descendant of a Samurai Warrior.

§  Raising The Stakes (2004) and Photo Finish (2010) along with the Ed Waugh and Trevor Wood first play Good to Firm (2002), complete the trilogy about Bob’s and Shirley’s Fletcher family.