Maria Kotrotsou

Maria Kotrotsou is a young composer of instrumental, electronic, classical and new age music.  

She was very young when she discovered her love for music and started piano lessons. At the age of 10, she passed the exams of the Royal Academy of Music in London and attained an award with distinction. Some years later, she passed her diploma exams in piano with merit, at the National Conservatory of Athens.

As soon as she completed her studies at the Law School, she started her professional career at the Law office of her father, while at the same time she was composing music for documentaries and theatre performances.

Her passion for music finally prevailed. And so, she abandoned the law profession soon afterwards and moved to Paris, where she continued her superior studies in piano, in classical music and joined a course in Computer Aided Music, to facilitate the combination of classical and electronic sounds in her compositions. These musical works are perfect for use in long and short length films, documentaries, theatre productions, video art and audiovisual presentations.     

In 2013, Maria published her first album entitled PASSION including ten of her compositions, all of them performed, arranged, mixed and produced by herself. Her compositions blend the musicality of the classical instruments, especially the violin and the violoncello, with electronic rhythms and melodies, in a journey to the core of utopia, where all human feelings are mixed in perfect harmony. PASSION is available for sale in both carrier and digital format via the URL:

where, we may all enjoy the listening of each composition of the album:

Le retour


You and Me


Over the sea



Mov Paradeisons

Pour la vie

Gia ena oneiro

The PASSION and the power of Maria’s music just fascinate us!