Marta Fluvià comes from the field of theater production and has extensive experience in the performing arts sector. She was the founder of La Troca Promocions Artístiques and the Hamlet Store, the first online store for stage material. In 2016 she decided to create Marta  Fluvià  Agency, convinced that there is a long way to go in the field of copyright and the figure of the literary agent specialized in dramaturgy.

From the outset, the agency  focused on the representation and promotion of important contemporary creators, aiming to protect their rights and develop their works and the local culture abroad as well. The company’s catalogue includes famous works by established contemporary playwrights such as Marta Barcelo, J.Benet I Jornet, Marta Buchaca, Guillem Clua, Jordi Galceran, Ramon Madaula, Sergio Blanco, to name only a few.Since its creation, the agency has consolidated international professional ties with other agencies, authors, producers and translators, via collaborations and synergies, developing Spanish culture all over the world.

Dedicated to the service of creators and specialized in performing arts sector, the company offers its members a high level, personalized, transparent and efficient service, facing this business challenge with great enthusiasm and responsibility.