Pavlos Tasios

Pavlos Tasios (1942-2011) is a well-known Greek director and screenwriter. He was born in Chalkidiki, North Greece and after graduating from the Thessaloniki High School, he continued his studies in Stavrakos Cinema School in Athens.

First appeared in the Greek cinema scene in 1960, working as first assistant director in Finos Film production of 27 films and also as executive producer in 13 more. He very quickly became one of the main “representatives” of the New Greek Cinema, producing 14 feature films, in which he also signed the script and direction and 12 television series, earning several awards in the Thessaloniki Film Festival.

He was the President of the  Greek Directors Society,  member of the Greek Playwrights’ Union, Greek Producers’ Federation and founding member of the Organisation for Copyright Collective Management of Audio-visual Works (SADA).

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