The Austrian Agency Thomas Sessler Verlag, was founded in 1952, by the German-Austrian publisher and writer Thomas Sessler Verlag. Today the company is Austria’s leading drama Agency, maintaining a large and comprehensive repertoire of theatre works.

From the outset, Thomas Sessler Verlag focused on the representation and promotion of important German speaking creators, aiming to protect their rights and develop their works and the local culture abroad as well. Having its roots in the milestones of Austrian theatre history the company represents and promotes a wide range of classics, as well as contemporary drama works.

Company's activity expands in the whole cultural sector representing authors and works from all theatrical genres. Its repertoire  includes an extensive selection of works, such as classic comedies, boulevard theatre works, political satire and farce, along with hit musicals and operas.

Dedicated to the service of creators, the company offers its members a high level, personalized service, encouraging and supporting also young dramatists in particular by fostering the development of their works locally and abroad as well. Read more...