HUMBLE BOY by Charlotte Jones

At Sychrono Theatrο, since 10 December! Panhellenic Premiere!

Following the sudden death of his father, Felix, a thirty five year old Cambridge astro-physicist, returns to his family home and his difficult and demanding mother. As he struggles to find his balance in the midst of familial chaos, he will discover much more about life, love and human relationships. 

"Humble Boy" by the award-winning playwright Charlotte Jones, premiered at the Royal National Theatre, London in 2001, winning the 2001 Susan Smith Blackburn Award, the 2002 Critics' Circle Best New Play Award and the People's Choice Best New Play.

Brimming with sophisticated humor, fresh dialogues and unexpected twists, Charlotte Jones’s touching play, is a genius exploration of the complexity of human relationships and their importance in human life.

Translation: K. Nikolaidi
Direction:    K. Nikolaidi
Production: A PRIORI

THE ARTBASSADOR has licensed the Greek production, on behalf of the Agency CASAROTTO RAMSAY ASSOCIATES LTD, which represents Charlotte Jones' rights in this play.