THE MOUSETRAP by Agatha Cristie

At Kolossaion Theatre-Thessaloniki, since 3 November!

"The Mousetrap", world's longest-running play and one of Agatha’s most famous works, thrilled Athenian audiences during the last two theatrical seasons. Now the iconic murder mystery returns for a third run at Thessaloniki's Kolossaion Theatre, since 3 November!

Brimming with intrigue, genius humor and surprising twists, Agatha Christie's superb thriller will keep mystery-lovers guessing until the very last moment!
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Direction    :  Kirki Karali
Translation : Adonis Galeos
Production : Happy Productions

THE ARTBASSADOR has licensed the Greek production, on behalf of the Agency Concord Theatricals Ltd, which represents Agatha Christie’s rights in this play.