30 December 2019 Α festive concert by the musicians of Camerata in Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center

The musicians of Camerata, under the music direction of Zoi Zeniodis, invite the young and older audience in a unique fairy travel .The magic of classical music combines the works of Cole Porter, Leroy Anderson and Johann Strauss with the original music tale by the famous British composer Herbert Chappell “Paddington Bear’s first concert"
The atmospheric illustrations and splendid melodies bring to life the journey of our beloved hero. A journey that starts from Peru and ends with a symphonic concert at the magnificent  Royal Albert Hall, where Paddington makes his debut as an orchestra conductor!

The narration of the music tale is performed, by the actress Olia Lazaridou.

The Artbassador, provided the music material of the works: "Overture of the musical Kiss me Kate" by Cole Porter on behalf of the publishing house  BOOSEY AND HAWKES, UK, " Paddington Bear’s first concert " by Herbert Chappell on behalf of the publishing house  MUSIC SALES GROUP-CHESTER MUSIC LTD, UK , " The Typewriter concerto" and " Plink plank plunk"  by Leroy Anderson,  on behalf of the publishing house  LUCK'S MUSIC LIBRARY, USA.