SKUGGAN AV MART by Stig Dagerman

At Argo Theatre, since 24 May!

An unbeatable shadow haunts Gabriel’s life. The shadow of Mart, his brave brother, who died a hero’s death, as a resistance fighter during the World War II, and now is totally idealized by his dynamic and oppressive mother. What will the cost be for Gabriel to finally free himself?

Stig Dagerman’s powerful play was written in 1948 and a few months later premiered in the Royal Dramatic Theatre, Stockholm. Since then, the play enjoyed numerous successful productions and remains Dagerman’s most performed work!

A deeply psychological and poignant work, about strength and weakness, but also the catalytic and sometimes catastrophic power of family relationships!

Translation: M.Melberg
Direction:    Ch. Kapsouli
Production: ARGO THEATER

THE ARTBASSADOR has licensed the Greek Production, on behalf of STIG DAGERMAN LITERARY ESTATE, which represents S. Dagerman's author's rights.