Laurent Chétouane’s “KHAOS” at the Onassis Cultural Centre

09 December 2016- 11 December 2016

On December 9,10 and 11 at the Main Stage of Onassis Cultural Centre, Laurent Chetouane presented the new choreography entitled KHAOS. 

How does chaos translate into dance? Laurent Chétouane gave the answer with KHAOS, an artistic experiment that aims to bring us closer to the "creative" chaos, a chaos that is fun for the dancers, but also for the public. A specially-designed speakers system intervenes in the work’s aural perception to create unstable, ‘musically chaotic’ zones for audience and performers (four dancers and three musicians). Musically, the work takes as its starting point compositions by J.S. Bach, John Cage and Wolfgang Rihm, who have all introduced the elements of the unknown and uncontrolled into music composition.

THE ARTBASSADOR gave the license for the use of the works KLAVIERSTUCK NO 1, OP. 8A by WOLFGANG RIHM and ETUDES BOREALES FOR CELLO Nr. 3 & 4 by JOHN CAGE on behalf of the publishers UNIVERSAL EDITION Austria and C.F.Peters Germany.