LE VISITEUR by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt SECOND RUN

At Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation, since 11 October!

After thrilling Athenian audiences and critics, during the previous theatrical period, "Le Visiteur", the phenomenal play by the renowned and multi awarded French author Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt, returns for a second run, at Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation, since 11 October!

A witty allegoric story, about faith and pragmatism, with fascinating plot, elegant humor and unexpected twists, in a notable performance, not to be missed!
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Translation: Adonis Galeos-Sotiris Tsafoulias
Direction:    Sotiris Tsafoulias
Production: Robin 4 Arts

THE ARTBASSADOR has licensed the Greek production, on behalf of the Agency, AGENCE DRAMA Suzanne Sarquier which represents Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt's rights in this play and on behalf of the translator A.Galeos.