DUSK, by Christiane Jatahy / Based on the film Dogville by Lars von Trier

27 June 2022- 28 June 2022 Athens Epidaurus Festival, Peiraios 260 venue, 27 & 28 June!

Determined to escape the oppressive regime of her country, the young Graça flees Brasil and finds refuge in a community of theatre artists staging Lars von Trier’s Dogville. Although she is enthusiastically welcomed by the group, Graça will later be confronted with the inhuman face of exploitation and xenophobia. 

A stirring work about racism and power, in all its forms, in adaptation and direction by the internationally acclaimed artist Christiane Jatahy, awarded the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement in Theatre, Biennale di Venezia 2022.

THE ARTBASSADOR represents Christiane Jatahy (direction-adaptation), member of the French Collecting Society SACD.