TERROR by Ferdinand von Schirach

At New Theatre Katerina Vasilakou, since 5 Febrouary!

The scene:  A law court
The audience: The jury
The accused:  A fighter jet pilot
His crime: shooting down a hijacked commercial plane with 164 passengers, heading towards a soccer stadium with 70,000 people! Guilty or innocent?

With his debut play “Terror”, the lawyer and best-selling German author Ferdinand von Schirach, undoubtedly conquered the theatrical stage. Since its 2015 premiere in Berlin, the play has become a global hit, enjoying several successful productions all over the world.

A genius, interactive courtroom drama, centered on a fictional act of terror, which assigns audiences to decide about defendant's guilt or innocence, forcing them to deal with serious moral dilemmas about duty, social responsibility and personal ethics.

Translation: E.Nanou
Direction:   G. Oikonomou
Production: ART & ETHER

THE ARTBASSADOR has licensed the Greek production, on behalf of the Agency GUSTAV KIEPENHEUER, which represents Ferdinand von Schirach's rights, in this play.