Dimitris Psarras

Dimitris Psarras has studied Translation and Interpretation in France and Greece. He speaks fluently French, Spanish, Catalan, English and Greek as a mother tongue. He is the co-founder of the Interpreting and Translation agency Podium, based in Athens. As both a translator and an interpreter, he has collaborated with many important institutions in Greece and abroad, among which the Greek National Theatre, the Athens French Institute, the Cervantes Institute, the Ramon Llull Institute, the Thessaloniki International Film Festival, the Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP), the Spanish Embassy in Athens; with public services in Greece and abroad; with important football clubs such as Olympiacos FC, AEK FC, Panathinaikos FC, AELK FC; with private corporations in Greece and abroad; with publishing houses such as Aparsis, University Studio Press, Ekati and Sokoli; with interpreting and translation agencies in Greece and abroad.  He is the co-founder, together with Maria Chatziemmanouil, of the www.teatropasion.com website upon the promotion of Spanish, Catalan and Hispanic contemporary theatre in Greece. He has organized, together with Maria Chatziemmanouil, and in collaboration with the Spanish Embassy in Athens and the Cervantes Institute three stage reading festivals. He has translated, alone or with others, more than twenty-five plays of Catalan, Spanish and French theatre into Greek, many of which have been published and/or performed in Greece and Cyprus. Moreover, he has translated with others two theatrical plays from Greek into Spanish, as well as one play from Greek into Catalan. Articles by him have been published in Spanish literary magazines, both printed and digital, such as El Rapto de Europa and www.artezblai.com. He has interviewed the highly reputed Greek cinematographic director Theo Aggelopoulos, for the Catalan printed magazine La Directa.